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  • Malta49er Out
  • Day 3 at the World Championships – Will we be in Gold Fleet tomorrow?
  • What a day! End of Day 2 at the worlds
  • Day 2 in Zadar at the 49er Worlds
  • Watch the action live from Zadar, Croatia
  • Day 1 in Zadar at the Olympic Qualifiers: 3rd in first race!
  • Malta in the Gold Fleet

Two Men’s Race to the Olympics

Flying off a wave

We are Sebastian Ripard and Benji Borg: Two young Maltese sailors with a common dream…Gold at the Olympics. Our discipline; Sailing. Our choice of Weapon; 49er. This Website will tell you who we are, what we are about and how we plan on getting there.

When Seb and Benji started sailing the 49er together, they had one united goal: Olympic success. Fiercely ambitious and dedicated, they are training hard both on and off the water to realise their dream. Sailing the 49er involves a commitment by the sailor to immerse himself fully in a relationship with the sea, the wind, the boat and his crew mate. The sport demands 100% of their attention 100% of the time, and both have made considerable sacrifices to achieve their ambition.

Click to download the Malta 49ers Brochure pdf (1MB)

Click to download the Malta 49ers Brochure pdf (1MB)

Steeped in a rich seafaring history, with sea conditions, winds and temperate winters, Malta remains one of the best locations in the world to sail. This little known island provides the ideal training setting, whilst the environment is still relatively unknown. Malta is the ideal location for international training camps and events and Seb and Benji are working hard to put Malta on the sailing Map with help from fellow compatriots. Alongside winning Gold at the Olympics, it is the team’s goal to see the role of Malta rise within the international sailing community and placed firmly on the map forever.